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Using Stream Now & Live Event on Youtube

  1. Copy the YouTube entry points from Ingestion Settings to your encoder.
    • Stream Name – This identifies your stream on YouTube servers.
    • Primary Server URL – The main server where YouTube will ingest your stream.
    • Backup Server URL – The backup server where YouTube will ingest your stream.
    • Choosing to stream to the backup is recommended but is not required to begin broadcasting. Note that you’ll need double the outbound bandwidth (you’re outputting a simultaneous redundant stream). So make sure that you have the internet bandwidth capacity. Ideally, your backup stream should be on an entirely redundant physical encoder.
  2. Set up your encoder usingĀ YouTube’s recommended encoding settings.
  3. Set up your audio and video sources.
  4. Start encoding. For Stream Now, the stream will start automatically when you start the stream via your encoder (will also stop when you stop your encoder)
  5. If you’re using a scheduled event, remember to start the event on YouTube too.