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EDUlivestream is a venue to bring voice to teachers, administrators, EdTech and the educational community that supports them.

Topics are diverse and with a lite conversational tone that keeps things lively and timely.

Join Bobbie and Henry every month for a new episode of the EDUlivestream show.

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Coach Ben Cogswell

Ben Cogswell is the 🚀 Captain of the @kindrockets, a Kindergarten class in Salinas Bardin Elementary School, Salinas, CA. Ben is the educational genius behind the Kinder Rocket Show, a fun show to get students excited about learning and jump-starting their kindergarten education experiences. Ben reaches out to fellow teachers, students, parents across the world […]

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Michael Drezek

MICHAEL DREZEK is a Technology Integration Specialist for the Lake Shore Central School District in upstate Angola, New York. Michael is in his 15th year as an educator and is the host of the Quest 4 EDlightenment podcast. He is a former teacher of the year and has earned many accolades. He is passionate about […]

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