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How do streaming platforms work with Zoom?

How do streaming platforms work?

Streaming platforms allow you to assemble layered screens, referred to as scenes, that are then fed to Zoom via a virtual webcam.

Typical scenes can be a split-screen (e.g., you and your guest speaker coming in via Skype), an exercise countdown, an embedded YouTube video, a doc cam, a news ticker, and many other things.

Setup and learning take a few hours to extensive training depending on which encoding platform you choose, plus some additional practice with the encoder will be required.

Streaming software adds an additional layer of complexity to your Zoom. So, it’s not necessarily going to be for everyone skill-wise. You can conduct a perfectly fine Zoom lecture or meeting without using an encoder.

Zoom as an asset

Three relatively cheap and easy encoding services that can be used with Zoom are Ecamm Live (for Mac only), OBS (for Mac and PC), and Streamyard (for Mac and PC by way of the web).

By giving you an easy-to-operate streaming dashboard that works in conjunction with Zoom, they can help transform your Zoom delivery into a more interactive experience. Students will love this!

Ecamm Live and Streamyard require a subscription but offer free trials.