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Why should teachers live-stream lessons to their students?

The best reason to live-stream lessons is because kids learn by watching. Moreover, kids learn by watching TV, and the TV offers students a large screen format to be able to see what the teacher is doing. Live-streaming student lessons on the TV enables students to learn from teachers and experts in real-time. It provides an element of human interaction that pre-recorded videos cannot. Though live-streaming will allow for use of prerecorded material as well as a live experience.

It’s like a Teacher TV Show for students.

Teachers can broadcast themselves, screen share, and even share the group video sessions in real-time. Note to teachers though, to broadcast your group video sessions, you need the express permission of your audience members. If they’re minors, you need signed parent permission to use their child’s image. Plus, check your school district’s privacy policy regarding student images because chances are it’s not allowed.

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Personally, I stick to broadcasting myself and invited guests only. My students get to watch, but I don’t add them to the broadcast even though I do have parental permissions. And if I do add them, those broadcasts remain unlisted for private viewing for my students and families.

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