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Show Format/Class Format

Here’s the foundation for a successful virtual class format designed to be streamed to the end-user learner in a remote learning environment doing distance learning.

You can easily see how it can be used for many different learning environments, but this is meant to be a guideline for a successful virtual classroom.


Dissolve the Screen

  • Use viewer’s names from the live feed in chat windows
  • Involve the viewer in a task right away

Organize the Learning

  • Tell them the Learning Intentions – What the show/lesson is about
  • Track the learning using Google Forms and responses in the chat window

Check for Understanding

  • The Take-Away – Write it in the chat window
  • Cold Calling the Viewer encourages feedback responses
    • Verbally use the viewer’s names on the screen
    • In the chat – invite the named participants to add to the chat stream
    • Pre-Call: e.g “We’re going to watch this clip and then, I’d like you to summarise in the chat window.”
    • Batched: e.g. “So, we’ve read that passage. What’s the key message? Let’s hear from our chat viewers.”

Building Engagement

  • Synchronous Learning
    • Reinforcing positive learning behaviors – thumbs up in the chat
    • Everybody Writes – type YES or No in the chat window
  • Asynchronous Learning
    • Highlight Pause Points – guide participants
    • Remind about the Key Tasks – What were the learning intentions?
    • Blended Learning – Listen/Watch and Do