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Interactive Overlays

Singular is an interactively powerful, professional cloud-based platform that allows you to create intelligent overlays that harness the best of digital technology from the ground up. Singular delivers revolutionary cloud-based customizable, scalable, flexible, innovative, and easy-to-use technology to live graphic overlays.

Singular.live provides a simple mechanism to use your overlays in a number of workflow scenarios via the Web Output. The Web Output is a URL (a webpage) that is assigned to a Control Application and displays the actual overlays. Typically, you would paste this URL into one of the programs in order to combine your overlays with your live video. Sounds confusing, but it’s not. Once you get inside this app, everything is labeled for ease of use and to help you understand the workflow.

Why teachers?
Singular overlays can be used for any type of live show. At this unprecedented time of global school closures, educators have even used Singular overlays to enhance their remote live teaching. They are offering all schools a completely free account, even free of their branding. If you are a teacher who live-streams, you’re going to want to use this tool with your streaming platform of choice because Singular.live is letting teachers use their service for FREE.

Apply as an educator here.

What is an Interactive Overlay?

Think layers. Layers on top of layers on top of layers. A Singular overlay output is a keyable HTML layer that sits on top of your video. Whether you are working in SDI, NDI™ or streaming/IP workflows. When you watch a news broadcast on your TV, you see the news anchor talking, but you also see things like scrolling headlines, titles, names, and branding. Everything but the news anchor is an overlay and it has a layer on top of other layers.

Singular.live allows a live show to adjust and change overlays on a live streaming broadcast in real-time during the stream. And, the possibilities are endless … at least that’s how it seems when you’re using this tool.

I love using Singular! I’ve had so much fun with my live streams since plugging in the Singular technology. It has brought my lessons to an even more refined level of interactivity. Live streaming educators should sign-up for this service and use it as much as possible because this is the type of tool that will help hold your student’s attention. They will be watching to see what you do next.

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