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Bobbie & Henry

Bobbie Henry


Ever have one of those moments when you met another person and had instant recognition of another traveler on the same journey. That’s what happened the day Bobbie met Henry. They discovered they shared a huge love for education and children. Even though Bobbie and Henry live halfway around the world from each other, they decided to join voices and created EDUlivestream as a venue to bring voice to teachers, administrators, EdTech and the educational community that supports them. 


Topics are diverse and with a lite conversational tone that keeps things lively and timely. Join Bobbie and Henry every month for a new episode of the EDUlivestream show.


Bobbie Grennier:
Bobbie is a teacher with a strong background in technology. She began her career in education over 35 years ago, before the beginning of the Internet was ever a thing. She taught public school for ten years and then moved into Technology where she experienced the gambit of the Silicon Valley tech explosion and what a fantastic learning platform it was. Today Bobbie is older and has returned to her first love of teaching in the classroom where she can implement her technical background and make a difference in young lives, and hopefully a few older ones too.


Bobbie’s websites:

Twitter @bobbiegrennier


Henry Platten:

Led by a former Police Sergeant, Henry Platten (UK Safeguarding Champion of the Year), the GoBubble team are recognized as leaders in keeping children digitally safe. GoBubble is a type of social media built exclusively for kids that promotes safety and well-being. The technology checks all content (chat, photo and video) before it appears, providing a safer way for teachers and students to communicate and collaborate.


Henry’s ‘s websites:
GoBubble website: https://gobubble.school
Twitter @henry_platten