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Connecting & Elevating Educators through Live-Streaming


The future is Live-Streaming Education. There, I said it. So, why are you staring at me like I’ve lost my mind? Could it be because very few education professionals are saying what I’m telling you? 


Just wait, you’ll see I’m right. No, better not wait … it’s here now!


Kids learn by watching TV. It’s not just for entertainment. Live-streaming student lessons to the TV enables students to learn from teachers and experts in real-time. It provides an element of human interaction that pre-recorded videos cannot.


When we mix live-streaming education with integrative tools and apps, we can get instant feedback on our student’s learning experiences. Data-driven education can help educators tailor lessons to student’s skillsets and abilities for optimal results. 


Live-streaming is live. It’s in the moment. It’s fluid. It’s spontaneous. Best of all, it’s interactive. And, it allows for face-to-face interactions between teachers and their students no matter where each is geographically located.


Students can also ask questions via chat while watching the live lessons, making the lessons interactive. Live sessions/classes can also be recorded for playback giving students more opportunities to interact with the curriculum.

Really savvy teachers can use live-streaming alongside Google Meet/Zoom sessions. 


bobbie grennierWhat would that look like you ask? The teacher would live-stream to the TV for students to view at home while holding a live Meet/Zoom session on the student’s laptop/computer. 


Want to bump that up a notch too? The teacher could conduct a Kahoot, Nearpod, or Peardeck session during the live-stream in which students participate in real-time monitored by the teacher. Layers of possibilities as the teacher appears live on the big screen … giving the students an in-class simulated experience.


Think wow, that’s a lot for one teacher to manage? Yes, you’re right. Having a couple of teachers working together for these presentations would be ideal. It’s nice to have one teacher present while the other runs the chat and any background apps needed.


In fact, every school district needs its own broadcasting network. Teachers can take turns teaching live lessons to larger numbers of remote students through a single broadcasting network.


And that, my friends, is what this website is all about. So dive in and explore the wonderful world of educational broadcasting with me.


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