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Ben Cog

Coach Ben Cogswell

Ben Cogswell is the 🚀 Captain of the @kindrockets, a Kindergarten class in Salinas Bardin Elementary School, Salinas, CA.

Ben is the educational genius behind the Kinder Rocket Show, a fun show to get students excited about learning and jump-starting their kindergarten education experiences.

Ben reaches out to fellow teachers, students, parents across the world to help them navigate the digital world positively, through a super engaging online personality, known worldwide as Coach Ben!

Of all the many amazing educators and students across the world, some stand out as real leaders in Edtech and digital citizenship. Ben Cogswell’s work with the Littles is exemplary!

Ben is a great advocate for positivity in the digital world and for the power of tech to do good. So he can very much be classed as an expert in his field and was recognized as ​CUE 2019  BOLD   Educator of the Year for his commitment to learning in a virtual or blended setting.


More activities available at www.CoachBen.org and KinderRockets

Kind Rocket’s World – Open-source curriculum

Seesaw: https://app.seesaw.me/activities/profile/0pavbi/coach-ben-cogswell-ben

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzowvLanh3yt0znHla1RhxQ

Facebook: Kinder Rockets

Twitter: @cogswell_ben and @KindRockets

Coach Ben